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Virgo communication Ltd, commonly known as Virgo, is one of the major IIG operators in Bangladesh. Virgo is focused to operate in 64 districts with 8 divisional headquarters by the end of year 2023. As an integrated IP transit and communications technology provider, Virgo adopts the next generation technology to help clients create business and succeed in the ever-changing economic environment. Virgo offers range of services including IP transit, CDN, Peering and solutions integration, colocations & managed services with cloud computing.

Mission & Vision

We believe that the life makes better when technology is used to help people and businesses communicate effortlessly. We help to make communication easier, faster and reliable for customers, while delivering value to our stakeholders. The Vision is to be one of the country's best communication technology provider.


IP Transit

Our IP Transit is the best accross the nation which short-hop connectivity gives global contents and low latency traffic routing.


CDN can serve the site content to visitors much more quickly and reduce the workload of the web server in a efficient way.


We are best at GGC which provides resilience through multiple levels of redundancy, which are transparent to users.


Our FNA service is a content caching program which efficiently deliver static Facebook content from within their existing networks.


Colocation allows you to store your equipment in a cabinet located in a secure data center with a public IP address & high bandwidth.


We have transmission network coverage all over Bangladesh through all NTTN providers with multiple backup links. Our PoPs are available in Metro and District locations.

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Virgo Communication Ltd.

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House # 43/A (3rd floor),

Road # 24, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212

Call: 01620-010460

E-mail: info@virgoiig.com